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Top 10 High CPC Keywords in Google AdWords

Top 10 High CPC Keywords in Google AdWords

When you use GOOGLE AdWords to advertise your business, the search engine will let you choose the keywords you want to show up under (called AdGroup). An important part of finding high-performing keywords is finding the ones that have a high-Cost Per Click (CPC).

When you bid on keywords with a high CPC, you pay more per click, but there are likely more clicks in total, resulting in more conversions overall. If you don’t have specific keywords in mind, this list of the highest CPC keywords in AdWords will give you an idea of what’s available.

  1. Lawyer
  2. Attorney
  3. Injury
  4. Personal Injury
  5. Accident lawyer
  6. Personal injury attorney
  7. Car accident attorney
  8. Oil field injury lawyer
  9. Truck accident lawyer
  10. Medical malpractice lawyer

1) Lawyer

Attorneys can be trained to understand many areas of law and specialize, in or practice general law. High CPC keywords for attorneys include a personal injury lawyer, DUI lawyer, criminal defense attorney, bankruptcy attorney, and more.

 Top 10 High CPC Keywords in Google AdWords LAWYER

2) Attorney

Legal services lawyer SEO expert, SEO services lawyer, SEO law firm attorney Internet marketing lawyer – Increase your attorney’s website traffic by using high CPC keywords. The top 10 highest CPC keywords are divorce attorney, criminal defense, DUI lawyer, family law, and personal injury lawyers.


You can start ranking for these high CPC keywords immediately. All it takes is one search term or a group of terms that you think clients might use to find you online. Just put it into Google and see if it ranks on page 1 for those keywords.

If not try to figure out why it’s not ranking and fix it until you do rank on page 1 for your target keyword phrases.

3) Injury

Part of doing business online is using marketing channels like Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website. Doing so can be effective, but with high cost-per-click (CPC) for some terms, it can also be incredibly expensive and result in a wasted budget when you don’t get an ROI.


For example, if you’re a retailer selling wristwatches, a high-volume keyword like a watch might have a cost per click (CPC) as high as $13. The good news is that there are still opportunities for keywords with high traffic volume at much lower costs per click.

The trick is knowing which ones those are – which brings us to our list of the top 10 highest CPC keywords on Google AdWords

4) Personal Injury

When it comes to high CPC keywords, personal injury tops them all. There are many factors that cause a personal injury case to have a high cost per click (e.g., plaintiff’s lawyers can file numerous lawsuits which makes it difficult for defendants to predict costs), but either way, it’s one of Google’s most profitable verticals.

personal injury attorney

The top three highest CPC keywords on Google AdWords within personal injury litigation were: personal injury lawyer, injury attorney, and medical malpractice. The average monthly search volume ranged from 2,200 searches per month for personal injury lawyers to 1,000 searches per month for medical malpractice.

5) Accident lawyer

Google’s keyword research tool also lists what advertisers are paying for certain keywords. So, if you’re looking to profit from a high volume.

A low-competition keyword phrase that pays big bucks, can be your target. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend going after keywords that have a high cost per click just because they pay well; there are plenty of other strategies you can use to drive traffic with low competition.

While saving money at the same time. But if you’re up for it—and you want to make some serious money—go ahead. And aim for these high CPC keywords

6) Personal injury attorney

If you’re an attorney specializing in personal injury law. Your high CPC keywords will probably focus on things like car accidents, slip and falls, or dog bites.

What you don’t want to be practicing is mass tort law — many states cap contingency fees at a certain amount — meaning that if it takes multiple trials to collect on a settlement.

You’ll end up getting stuck with less than your maximum fee should have been.

7) Car accident attorney

$56.00 was last recorded on 2008-09-28 as high CPC keywords and will likely continue to increase. The average daily impression for a car accident attorney is 36,000+.

The cost per click is $3.01 with a median lifetime value of $1,130.00. While current keyword trends suggest that clicks are decreasing and prices are increasing. It’s estimated that bids for car accident attorneys have a life span of less than a year.

Use high CPC keywords (car accident attorney) and your campaign will surely attract more visitors!

8) Oil field injury lawyer

When it comes to lawyer advertising, ad words can make or break a firm. The right combination of keywords can put your business on top and get you more clients. So what are these winning combinations?

That’s a good question. I’ve tried to determine which are some of the most popular keywords by looking at historical data from Google. They also have provided me with an industry-wide cost-per-click breakdown that is helpful.

When developing online marketing campaigns for law firms like yours.

9) Truck accident lawyer

According to Statista, advertisers paid an average cost-per-click (CPC). Of $46.66 for adverts linked to truck accident lawyers on Google in June 2018.

10) Medical malpractice lawyer

Search for high CPC keywords? Try medical malpractice lawyer. This simple search phrase will help to bring people looking for a medical malpractice lawyer directly to your website.

Where you can answer all their questions about personal injury law and, hopefully, score yourself a new client. While you might be surprised at how expensive some of these keyword phrases are—you should know that there’s a great opportunity here for affiliate marketing by just including a few links to your products or services.

With high CPC keywords (more than $5!), it can take just one click to generate serious revenue.

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