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How to trade crypto automatically in 2022! | Binance Auto-Invest

How to Automatically Trade-in Crypto 2022 – Binance Auto Trade/Invest

Hi guys,

Today we’re going to see how to automatically trade in cryptocurrency 2021-2022 – binance auto trade/invest.

Lets us start.

Hey, you can hear about cryptocurrency trading and watch many videos about auto trade in binance. Some say you can attach your binance application with an auto trade bot. They say auto-bot gives you daily profit without any loss.

But here is a problem we can not trust any auto trading bot.

Binance Auto Trade/Invest.

Now Binance launch owns an auto crypto trading feature in the application. now we can tell what means this feature is. This is very simple you can just ON this auto trading option. now bot what can do after allowing this option. Bot research on the crypto chart where I can take a trade and stop this trade all this prosses doing by the bot.

Now bot in every section gets profit for you.

Binance auto trading is newly launched. That’s why not many pairs are available for auto cryptocurrency trading. Binance says now at this time were the newly lanched auto trading feature. we can provide only three pairs for auto treading in binance.

Three pairs for auto trading in binace.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • BNB

You can trade on Binance with usdt or bust.


Now you can open binance application. you can see on the page auto invest option.

How to use auto invest/trading.

Now login to binance application and click the finance option now click on binance earn. Now click on auto invest. you can see cryptocurrency auto invest pairs. but now you can see only three pairs BTC ETH BNB.

You can select the pair but before select t his crypto pair you can set this time frame for auto trading. For example, you can run a trade for one week or one day.

Create auto investment plan.

Now you can create a plan for auto trading.

You can click on create a plan. Now a popup can come.

You can see details on this popup. you can select all options like time frame currency now click confirm.

Now you say how we can see my auto invest plans. to see you auto invest plans you want to go to in history.

If you can start trading one or more pairs. you want to stop your trade. Now to go to auto invest option. and on/off your trade easily and also edit your auto trade.

Now you can say we can earn a lot of profit we want to permanently close our trade. o you can see the option permanently close. you can close your trade by clicking on this option.

Auto invest hiostry

Now to want to see how you can make a profit by auto invest. you can see this from auto invest hiostry.

That’s it.

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