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Online earning from Google – Complete Article Earn Money 500$ from Website.

Online earning from Google – Complete Article Earn Money 500$ from Website.

Hi! guys.

I’m Kumail from

Today we’re going to see how you can start online earning from the google website.

So after reading this blog post.

How we can use Google and also start online earning from Google 500$ 1000$ 1500$. It’s your own choice how much effort to online earning from Google. In this blog post, all points are very important So read this article very carefully.

So let’s Start,

Write an Article Copy Past

In this work, you need to write an article on your website. Do not panic you can’t write an article. You can do it it’s very easy and simple. I’ll teach you how to write an article/blog post with Copy Past and without any Copyright on your article. So in this work, you can write articles after the write articles now to can rank your article on google. it’s your opinion in which country you can rank your article I’ll teach you properly in this article how to rank your article and in which country.

Rank Keyword in Google

Let’s suppose you want to rank your article in the UK, Pakistan, India, US. Let us I can write an article on this keyword Online Earning. So you can want this keyword ‘Online Earning’ anyone searches in the UK my article show on top on the google search list It’s Called rank. This work is very easy to understand keyword strategies which words can rank in the UK, Pakistan, US. So you can see it’s very easy don’t panic I’ll discuss it with you in this article. This keyword strategy you can also apply on youtube videos and rank your videos on youtube.

There are a Two-way to write an article and earn money online.


1st Way to write an artical and start Online Earning

In this way of online earning you can earn limited but this earning is also very good you can see. In this way of earning you can write an article by copy past it’s very easy and no any copyright on this article. but in this type, you can work smartly.


Now log in to the WordPress dashboard now to post and add a new post alright. you can see the title of your article. Now you can find a title for your article. This is the main thing to rank your article. The ranked title is an important part of your article. The article is somehow but the title is most important to rank your article.

Body of Article By Copy Past

Now we can write the body of the article by copying past it very easily and with no copyright. Now go to a youtube search video about your article topic. Note this video is in must be English. now go to these three dots.

Click on these three dots now you can see OPEN TRANSCRIPT click on it. you can see the transcript open on your side of the video. Copy all transcripts and on your post body.

Now justify your content in paragraphs with some headings and place some words of your title in your body. It helps you with SEO for your article.

Find Ranked Keyword For Title

You can search on your browser Create an account on it now you go keyword planner option. Now you can search keywords about your article. You can find your keyword for your title. Use 2 -3 keywords in your title. and some keywords use in your text body.

Now you find a featured image for your article. you can download it from google but edit it.

Now your article is ready for publishing.

2nd Way to write an artical and earn money online

This type of earning money online from google. There are no limits to earning money from google. In this type of earning you can write your own article because it’s unique and rank very easily. So you need to write your own article for getting more revenue from google.

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