How to Make a Website in 10 mins – Simple & Easy

Hi guys, I’m Kumail from Innovative and in this blog I’m going to show you how you can quickly make a website. (in just 10 mins)

Now after reading this blog, you will be able to make any kind of website by using drag & drop.

So, don’t miss this blog out and read it till the end, to learn how to do it. Okay!

I’m Kumail from Innovative and Let’s start making this website!

So before we start, you need to First, Click the link below this.

So going to click this link. And, It will take You to this page. Now we’re going to do this in just 7 steps!

Ok! So the 1st step is to pick a name for your website.

Now, I already have picked a name that is an example

“” So I’m going to search for it… And then click “check availability”. Okay, so you can see that the name is available. Once you get the name, you can go to the next step, which is to Get hosting & domain. hosting & domain are the two things we need for launching our website. Hosting is the place where your website’s files will be stored

The domain is the name of your website So to get hosting & domain, let’s scroll down… and click get hosting..this will take you to, where we’re going to buy the hosting. So let’s, click ‘get started.

Now enter the same name which you chose earlier. So I’m going to enter… And then click search. Now click select & continue.


So, this is our cart.

Now you can see here that we’re getting the domain for eg. 959 rupees

Now, if we change the duration from 2 years… to 1 year…..

You can see that, we’re getting the domain for free. So, now let’s proceed to checkout. Now Godaddy will ask you to log in. So let’s click create an account. and fill in these details. Now enter any 4-digit number for the pin And click “Create Account”.and then continue filling in these details.

Now, choose your payment option, and click continue.

Okay! So guy’s

this is going to cost us around 99 rupees per month, and, the plan will be valid for 1 year. So let’s place the order. and make the payment. So I’m going to quickly complete the payment!


So now we’ve completed the payment & we have got our Domain & Hosting.

Now let’s go to STEP 2,

Which is to Install WordPress.

Now we’re going to use WordPress because it makes it very easy to build a website without knowing any programming or coding. So let’s install WordPress, We’re going to scroll down & then click managed WordPress. Okay!

Now just select your domain. and.. click next. then again click next Now you need to enter a username & password for WordPress. You will need this to login into WordPress So I’m going to enter my name and password and click install.

Okay! So WordPress is installed! Now, let’s click ‘get started. and then click no thanks… and okay. Okay, so this is our WordPress Dashboard! Now from here, you’ll be able to control your website. Now if you want to access the (WordPress) dashboard anytime again, you just simply go to your website address and type \login


Now let’s go to STEP 3,

So, once you reach your WordPress dashboard,

This means your website is LIVE. So to check that let’s go to our website address And press enter Now as you can see…our website is LIVE!So This is what, the default site, looks like. So next, In order to easily edit our website, we’re going to install a new theme. So the new theme is called “Astra” So to install the theme, let’s go here…and click themes. now click ‘add new’ and search for… Astra. So we’re going to install this theme. Just click install. and click activate.

Okay! So the theme is activated.

Next, we’re going to install a plugin that comes with this theme. So by installing the plugin we’ll be able to easily customize our theme. So to install that plugin, let’s go to plugins. And then click ‘add new’. Now search for a Plugin called ‘Astra’, And then install this plugin. So click install. and then click activate. the best web hosting companies in Pakistan

So the Astra Sites plugin is now installed!

Now let’s go to STEP 4,

Now, This plugin has a set of Designs for your website, which you can choose and then apply to your site. So to see those designs let’s click see a library. So these are the designs.

Now, before you choose a design, Just click elementor. this will make it easier for you to edit the design So click elementor and now you can choose any design you like….. So, I’m going to choose this design… And you can see what the site looks like! If you want to apply this design to your site…Just click install plugins. and then click import this site. Now the design and the demo content will be imported into your site Once it is done! We can now see the site So let’s click “view site”.


So as you can see, the demo has been imported into our website. and this is how it looks. And you can also see these other pages which also have the demo content…So, Once you’ve got the design into your site You can now go to the final step which is to Edit the content. So, To edit any page of your site. You just have gone into the page and click Edit with Elementor.

Now let’s go to STEP 5,

So let’s say you want to edit the homepage, You just simply click home… And then click “edit with elementor”.

And now you will go into this editing section. So let’s say you want to change the text here. you just select the text,

And then start typing anything you want So I’m going to type (Hi! Welcome to my website) And now if you want to change the text on this button. You just click here… And change the text on this button here So the same way, you can edit any text you want on this page Just select the text. And then start typing. So this works throughout the website.

Now if you want to change this image, You just click it. Select the image here. And drag & drop your image. So once you’re done with the changes, you can simply save the page, by clicking “Save”.And all your changes will be saved. Now you can view the page by clicking here and then click view page. So, you can see that all our changes are here… Okay, so now you know how you can edit any page of your site! blue host .com best web hosting in Pakistan

Now let’s go to STEP 6,

Next, we’re going to see how you can change the Header… Or the footer area of your website. Now by using elementor you will be able to change

Now by using elementor you will be able to change this part of your website. But if you want to change this area, which is the header. you can do it by going into the customize option.

So let’s go to customize. now you can see that there are some “Blue icons”.Now if you want to change this logo, just click this “Blue Icon” and you can change the Logo here. Now the same way you can change the menu section by clicking these icons. So everything can be edited by using these blue icons. and this will be the same in the footer area also. So let’s say if you want to change the text. You just click this blue icon and start typing anything you want. Once you are done with the changes, just click “publish” and they will be published on the site. Now lets’ close this and go back to our site.

Okay! So we saw how to edit the header & footer area.

Now let’s go to STEP 7,

what if you want to add a new page?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is, you need to go into this new, And click page. Now let’s say you want to create a service page for your website you need to first enter a title. and now to start creating a page just click edit with “Elementor”.

So now, it will take you to the blank section and now you have two options to create your page. First, you can either use these elements which are over here. and then drag and drop them into this area. So for example; if you want to add a heading you can drag and drop this element here. and then enter your text. And to add an image you can drag & drop this element.

So drag & drop here and start creating your page! Now the other way to create a page… is by using templates. Now templates are ready-made pages that you can import into your site. So let’s click “add template” and you will find a lot of designs here.

Now if you want to use any designs, simply click it. See what it looks like. And if you like it, just click insert to get it into your page. And now you can see that we’ve got the design into our page. now again like we did before you can change anything on this page, just by selecting it and typing anything you want. This is how it works. Once you are done with the changes, click the save and view the page.


That’s it, guys! This is how you can add new pages to your site. So now you know, How you can launch your site, By getting domain & hosting. Import the demo content. and then edit it to make your own website So if you’re ready to start making you own website…

It will take you to the page which we say in the first step which was choosing your domain. So just pick a domain and build your website.

I will see you in the next blog.

Bye 🙂

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