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8 Proven Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest in 2022

Despite the explosive growth that Pinterest has experienced over the past few years, only about 1% of Pinners have ever gone viral on Pinterest. But if you use these 8 proven ways to go viral on Pinterest, you could be one of them in 2022.

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1) High-Quality Photos

People love a great visual, and there’s no better place for high-quality photos than Pinterest. Posting compelling images is essential for capturing attention and getting people interested in what you have to say. Spend some time researching how you can take your photographs from good to great. A quality photo is worth a thousand words.

8 Proven Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest in 2022

2) Excellent Copywriting

The art of crafting powerful social media headlines and descriptions that resonate with your target audience is called excellent copywriting. Many professionals, including freelance journalists, newscasters, and even novelists, create excellent copywriting for a living. Now you can learn how to use it yourself! We’ll explain what excellent copywriting is and how you can master it.

3) Unique Visual Cues

Pinterest has already become a go-to for everything from recipes to home decor and even business tips. The platform continues to evolve, offering new ways for brands to engage with users. In addition, users can now upload videos, making it easier than ever for marketers of all sizes to take advantage of that huge audience. To learn how your brand can benefit from these updates and others, check out these 9 ways to go viral on Pinterest in 2022.

4) Hypertargeted Audience Segmentation

If you want your content to go viral, it’s helpful to hyper-target your audience. By doing so, you’ll be able to effectively appeal and connect with a specific group of people—and that connection will be meaningful and memorable. While many marketers target as broadly as possible (i.e., I want my content to go viral!), by hyper-targeting your audience, you can attract groups of people who already like and trust your brand.

5) Build Your Platform

Just because you want your content to go viral doesn’t mean it will. If you want something to be popular, it needs an audience—and those audiences tend to come from a platform. In addition, each social media site has its own unique etiquette and style that can take time and trial-and-error to master.

6) Use photo badges

This post features 8 photo badges with calls to action. The badges include Pin It, Pin from the link below, and Send Message. This is a great example of how you can use photo badges to drive traffic back to your website. Each badge has a different color that matches up with part of their pin design.

7) Pin New Stuff

Pinterest is still growing as a social media platform. According to research, nearly half of female internet users have an account. With an expanding audience, you have a great opportunity to reach new people with your content. Here are 9 proven ways that can help you go viral on Pinterest in 2022. Use these tips wisely! 🙂

8) Curate Awesome Content

When you post content that your target audience already finds valuable, you’re ahead of nearly 95% of everyone else out there. This is because curating great content for your audience is one of the best ways to win their trust. Most people don’t like having their opinions and beliefs swayed or influenced by marketers. They want quality, curated information from trusted sources who are not trying to sell them anything. When you provide value by showcasing awesome content, they’ll thank you for it!

9) Don’t Pin Your Own pins All the Time

Unfortunately, there’s no getting around it—if you want to go viral, you need content. As with all networks, too much self-promotion and you’ll lose your audience’s trust. In fact, here are 10 ways not to go viral on Pinterest: 1) Don’t pin your own pins over and over.

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