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5 Simple SEO Hacks That Helped Me Gain 2 Million Impressions on Google

5 Simple SEO Hacks That Helped Me Gain 2 Million Impressions on Google

I was always puzzled about SEO because I never knew what SEO was, how it worked, or why it helped me get more traffic to my sites.

Then one day I came across these 5 SEO hacks that helped me gain 2 million impressions on Google and the rest is history.

Now I want to share these 5 SEO Hacks with you so you can experience the same success as I did!

1) Ensure your blog post-meta-data is accurate

A few small changes can have a big impact, especially when it comes to your SEO. Using relevant keywords in meta-data such as your title and content is essential.

if you target searchers with relevant information, they’re more likely to click through. Meta-data also helps search engines categorize your content better so that users can find it.

Ensure your blog post-meta-data is accurate

This increases impressions and leads to higher rankings. If you want more traffic from search engines, ensure your title, tags and description are accurate. For example: If I was writing about SEO hacks for musicians.

I might use these tags: music SEO, SEO tips for musicians, or SEO hacks for musicians. The same applies to titles – try something like How Musicians Can Rank Higher on Google or The Top 5 SEO Tips for Musicians. You get the idea!

2) Include good page titles

Just like headlines, page titles are one of those areas where you can really improve your SEO by getting a little creative. Page titles help search engines understand what your page is about and, in turn, whether or not it’s a relevant result for their user.

Include good page titles

Using specific keywords in your title will give you an edge over competitors who use more generic descriptions. Just make sure, to be honest, and accurate with how you use these terms; it’s no good gaming the system to get more impressions if nobody actually reads what you’re offering.

It’s better to attract fewer people with relevant content than tons of people with spammy results. If you want more information on SEO hacks, check out my previous post: How I Grew My Organic Traffic By 300% In One Month With SEO Hacks.

3) Take great photos and videos

Most people don’t know it, but images can contain metadata, which means keywords you use for SEO purposes can be included in your pictures or videos.

Another SEO hack is linking out to other websites with relevant content from your own. This will allow you to gain traffic from those sources as well as help to improve their rankings.

Take great photos and videos

A third easy SEO hack is to build backlinks using good-quality sites. You should never build links with spammy sites because they will most likely get banned by Google and if they do then all of your hard work building links to them could have been wasted.

To avoid getting banned by Google you should stick to only building links from high-quality authority sites that are related to yours.

You can find these kinds of sites by looking at competitors’ backlink profiles or by finding industry leaders on social media and reaching out to them via Twitter or email.

The last SEO hack I’m going to talk about today is optimizing your website for mobile devices and tablets.

4) Write a detailed, value-adding blog post

Step-by-step SEO hacks aren’t hard to come by, but they’re often not terribly helpful. For example, I could tell you to make sure your titles are relevant and to include your keywords in your meta description.

While these tips are great reminders, it doesn’t help you understand why or how. What if I told you that your content should receive a backlink at least twice in its life cycle?

Write a detailed, value-adding blog post

What if I explained that when it comes to link building there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing? Linking isn’t just about getting links — It’s about sharing context for specific information. Read More: 5 Simple SEO Hacks That Helped Me Gain 2 Million Impressions on Google.

5) Use anchor text in blog posts

What are SEO hacks? They’re tools that can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and they don’t have to be rocket science.

You might think that improving your site’s SEO is hard or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Small changes can have a big impact on your rankings.

In fact, I recently used five SEO hacks to increase my site’s SEO by over 2 million impressions a month! Let me explain how. Here are 5 simple SEO hacks you can use today:

 Use anchor text in blog posts

1. Create Content Based on Popular Searches: You probably already know that content with keyword-rich anchor text will rank higher than other pages—but did you know there are certain keywords that perform better than others?

When creating content for SEO purposes, make sure you take note of what types of searches people make most often for your industry.

It may seem obvious, but if people in your industry tend to search for where should I go to college? instead of what’s a good college?, then make sure you include where should I go to college somewhere in each post.

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